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Editing Resources Featured Photographer & Photographer of the Month Awards

Featured Photographer

The Editing Resources community is overflowing with extraordinary talent and creativity. We are constantly perusing through your work, looking for images to feature on our website.

Top Photographer of the Month

This coveted award is given to outstanding photographers whose work represents both stellar photographic achievement and a high level of involvement within the Editing Resources community.

Featured Photographer and  Photographer of the Month awards are dedicated to showcasing your work and talent. We allow photographers of all expertise from all over the world to share their work and inspire others.  Not only can it push you out of the box creatively,  it can also help boost your SEO and provide you with worldwide exposure. Along with being displayed on our website, your image will be shared with thousands of users. You will be able to download our official badge to display on your website. Additionally, you can share your image on your photography Facebook and Instagram page and tag your clients in the winning photo to congratulate them on winning and to get clients (and everyone who sees their tag) to come back to your page for more exposure.

Here's How It Works

Get involved with Editing Resources community by sharing your images to our Facebook Group, participate in the contests and GIVEAWAYS. 

Please be sure to post images that are not cell phone images (1500px or bigger on the long side are preferred) or are of bad quality as they will be too small to display on the website).


You may also let us know if you used any Editing Resources products or have a story to tell along with it.

Where do I download my badge?

The badges are below:




Our Featured Photographers 

Angel Kettler of Angel Kettlet Photography         


Aimee Brierley of A.heartful.life


Vilma Arlauskaite-Buloviene of Vilma AB Photography


Angel Carter of Blueberry & Lace Photography by Angel Bartlett


Patricia Flores de Decker of Paty de Decker Photography


Kate Stuart of Magical Moments Photography


Amber Williams of Amber Williams Photography



Judy Reinford of Judy Reinford Photography


Iya Estrellado of Iya Estrellado Photography


Lynne Williams of Windermere Images



Aleksandra Lis of Aleksandra Florez Photography 



Veronika Wachal Današová of Veronika Wachal Photography


Gabi Juri of Gabi Juri Fotografia Familiar


Judy Hurley of Barely Blushed, LLC; Photography by Judy Hurley


Jessica Williams of Jesikka High Photography