Adobe Camera Raw Presets –

Adobe Camera Raw Presets

  • $17.99

This set includes a total of 26 presets plus one bonus EXPRESS DEHAZE preset.

7 presets for adjusting basics, 2 sharpening presets, 2 presets for soft vignetting (they work perfectly with Basic presets) and 15 tone effects to achieve our color tones in different lighting conditions.

Presets can be used however you wish. For best results, start with properly exposed and color balanced image.

  1. Basic presets (01 - 07) will quickly adjust exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, clarity, vibrance, saturation. Chose preset appropriate to your particular exposure.
  2. Choose Soft Vignette option (01 - 02), these vignette presets work great with most images.
  3. Choose Tone Effect (01 - 15)

Not every image will have the same reaction to any presets.

Every image will have a different outcome to a combination of presets. You can create more types of ranges by mixing and matching.

*Basic knowledge of editing in ACR is advised*


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